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Energy Savings

Here are some of the benefits of installing window film on your commercial building:

  • Reduces heat by as much as 98%
  • Increases comfort
  • Reduces utility operation’s costs
  • Cuts irritating glare without darkening your office
  • Eliminates harmful UV rays by 99.9%
  • Protects employees, furnishings and expensive equipment
  • Increases privacy from curious onlookers
  • Shatter proofs your glass to protect against loss from accidents, storms, and crime

Sun-Ray Tinting provides a building with an aesthetically pleasing and consistent look. Conceals factory or office interiors as well as warehouse inventories from public view. Provides tenants and employees with a safe, comfortable, and cheerful environment through glare reduction, U.V. protection, and stronger glass.

Sun-Ray Tinting features a full line of quality window films that can custom match the design of any exterior building surface, regardless of color. Installation is quick and efficient with no disruption of business activity.

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